Saturday, 19 November 2011

We like to party...

Well she's done it again! Beyonce refuses to miss a trend, the sound du jour right now is that nostalgic 80's soul and she's nailed it with this track. Love the story and styling of this video, the outfits seem to get better as the video progresses and it has made me wonder if I will ever grow out of loving crazy coloured fur, or regarding knickers as acceptable lower half attire on their own, I doubt it and if I'm honest that's the kind of growing up I'd rather pass on. The one thing I think may be missing from this video is the fabulous Andre 3000, he's a bit like this generation's Prince so a shame not to see him but the cameos from Solange Knowles (hot girl dj) and the girl-of-the-moment Kelly Rowland at the end do make up for it.

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