Friday, 11 November 2011

Luke Bingham: Nothing to lose ....

Very early this summer (around about the freak heatwave in May) I was called upon to dress a beautiful model in a beautiful video. The beautiful model just happened to look exactly like Mischa Barton as you'll see, and she boosted her sexiness by chattering away on her phone in various languages, nothing hotter than switching beween languages with lovely lilting accents whilst having looks like that.
It was a long bloomin' day, as music videos tend to be, fun though. There are a few nailbiting moments in a day in the life of a stylist however, example: Luke's stylist frantic with worry and weilding a lint roller when Luke entered the wardrobe nightmare that is a rapeseed field when dressed head to toe in black. The only side effect to this being a minor O.C.D attachment to the lint roller. Meanwhile I was fighting my own personal war with boob tape. It's a tough job but we persevere.
Keep an eye out for Mr Bingham in the future, he was doing a lot with Radio 1 over the summer and a stint touring with Trey Songz, definately one to watch.
Behind the scenes shots to follow...

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