Friday, 17 February 2012

Oh, Jeremy...

I am currently, as always, still reeling at what Jeremy Scott has put down the catwalk for his A/W 12/13 collection. I am, not to put too fine a point on it, delighted by what I'm seeing.
I find New York designers to be very reserved, all clean lines and sophistication, they seem to leave the oppulence to Paris, the brashness to Milan and the quirkiness to London but Jeremy Scott breaks this stereotype every season.
The rainbow colours and bra tops do suggest that someone's forgotten it might be a tad chilly for a winter collection, but I like the 'throwing practicality (and most of your warm layers) to the wind' approach to dressing, and besides there IS knitwear in the collection (knitted knickers). And fur (of the monster variety).
Now, just have to sell a kidney and leapfrog an inevitable waiting list and the rainbow hair cape and Bart Simpson knitwear will be mine. Not too difficult then.

My absolute favourite.
All images via The Cobra Snake

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