Friday, 10 June 2011

Easy, Please Me....

Ridiculously hot extra in the fantastic vintage suede jodhpurs, I've waited for ever to use these in a shoot! Earrings vintage too, both Hepwrights.

The much fussed over alphabet jacket, teamed with the much lusted after 'V' blouse and jewellery, all vintage, all Hepwrights. 

Nice bit of boy-chic. 

My 90's raver jacket (current favourite) and my embellished shorts (trusty old favourite), always a bit weird dressing models/actors in your own clothes! The distressed black and white tee is by Urban Outfitters. The girl in the jacket also had extremely impressive and unusual tattoos which you can just see bits of in this shot.

Katy showing the boys who's boss on the pool table.

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