Friday, 11 February 2011

Waiting for spring

It has definitely reached a point in the year where I have run out of patience with winter, it has had it's time and is just starting to get on my wick now. I suspect I am not alone. I'm truly ready and prepared for summer florals, citrus bright colour blocking and the hippy-chic that I inevitably end up living in each year in the warmer months. Something that has caught my eye and I have found irresistible, even in chilly February, is this vintage Laura Ashley number. I must admit though, it is partly because I am on a mission at the moment to source vintage fabrics in order to make mix and match bedding for my daughter in every Laura Ashley floral I can find and if I turned it into a cheeky playsuit I could get at least a pillowcase out of the skirt.....  


  1. I love the way you've edged this pretty dress up with the boots, very stylish. And loving your ombre hair.

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  2. That dress is beautiful! How can you cut it up?!

  3. Thank you promise! I know kayl, it is beautiful, I'm torn because I'm in love with the vintage Laura Ashley bedding idea for the baby one. Maybe I'll wait til after summer!

  4. Yes good idea, at least get some wear out of it first!